Financial Social Work will be added to Social Work Education in China

On January 8th, a major initiative to add Financial Social Work to Social Work education in China was made at the National Forum of China’s Financial Social Work Commission. According to the proposals, training in financial capability would become a component of general social work education in mainland China. This would cover over 1.5 million […]

Child Behavioral Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

Child Behavioral Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

Join us in congratulating Fred M Ssewamala, Ozge Sensoy, Mary M McKay and other Brown faculty and researchers on their recent book. This book highlights the emerging research and policy development efforts to address child and adolescent behavioral health in Sub-Saharan Africa, where mental health policy is at an early stage and in need of […]

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Lombe Mwambwa, PhD Zambia Dec 7

Executive Director, National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation, Zambia In discussion with Dr. Heather Cameron from Brown School and “Sport for Development” is an approach to health promotion that also has objectives regarding violence prevention and gender equity. This conversation explores themes of progress, tensions, and contradictions in sport for […]