Yueh-Ya Hsu

Yueh-Ya is a Research Associate for Innovations for Poverty Action, a research and policy non-profit that evaluates and promotes effective solutions to global poverty problems. Yueh-Ya's team is currently collaborating with BRAC in Dhaka, Bangladesh to evaluate their Ultra-Poor Graduation Program. While at the Brown School, Yueh-Ya worked with the Social Policy Institute and Assistant Dean Dan Ferris and got hands-on experience with research in supporting mission-driven organizations. Learning how to balance objectives and working cultures across academic, government, and industry sectors has proven important. Lee Koelliker's leadership class sharpened Yueh-Ya's understanding of stakeholders, organizational dynamics, and the idea of leading without a title. Professor Lindsay Stark helped Yueh-Ya clarify my professional interests and find suitable organizations in support of those goals. Yueh-Ya's talented classmates' diverse backgrounds developed his ability to work on cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural teams.

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