Brown School students are committed to impact and equity, engaging in learning and research all over the world.

Brown School students develop a thorough understanding of the most pressing issues facing the world today and build the skills they need to develop complex, sustainable programs and solutions. Students learn from and do research alongside the Brown School’s world-renowned faculty, allowing them to practically apply in-class learning and theories in the field.

Master of Social Work

The International Social and Economic Development Concentration prepares students to work with stakeholders to develop solutions that improve lives in a global context.

Master of Public Health

The Global Health Specialization prepares students to confront complex issues impacting populations around the world and understand the root causes that lead to health outcomes.

PhD in Social Work

The Brown School’s doctoral program in social work is a leader in providing social work scholars the foundation they need to make careers dedicated to social justice, equity, and research.

PhD in Public Health Sciences

The Brown School’s doctoral program in public health sciences prepares students to succeed as independent researchers and understand public health challenges around the world.

Global Practica

Many Brown School students take the opportunity every year to further develop their skills with an international practicum. Some of these experiences are supported by the Khinduka Fellowship.

Megan Keenan, MSW 2020

My skills in systems thinking and research for the promotion of health equity were reflected in my international practicum with the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) provided me with the opportunity to engage the skills I had cultivated locally and apply them to a global context.

Eddie Mungai, MSW 2020

“As someone who is interested in sports for development, the Berlin program allowed me to see how a soccer non-profit can help refugee youth quickly integrate into their new environments.”

Global Courses

Every year faculty at the Brown School offer seminars outside of the United States to provide an insight into their global research agendas and transdisciplinary skills.