The Global Program Office leads global initiatives at the Brown School.

Lindsay Stark, DrPH

Lindsay Stark, DrPH

Associate Dean of Global Strategy and Programs

Tammy Orahood, MA

Tammy Orahood, MA

Director of Global Programs

Zizi Xu Shillig, LMSW

Zizi Xu Shillig, LMSW

Manager of Global Programs

    309 Brown Hall, Brown School
    Danforth Campus
    Washington University in St. Louis

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Co-Chairs of the Global Strategic Plan Subcommittees

Global Teaching and Learning
Brad Tucker,
Associate Professor of Practice
Jessica Levy,
Associate Professor of Practice
International Students
Mitra Naseh,
Assistant Professor
Proscovia Nabunya,
Assistant Professor
Communications and Visibility
Heather Cameron,
Michael B. Kaufman Professor of Practice in Social Entrepreneurship
Kim Thuy Seelinger, Research Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Human Rights, Gender, and Migration

The Brown School has long been a leader in global social work research and education. The additions of public health and social policy have expanded the scope of global engagements in teaching and scholarship.

Faculty at the Brown School lead research on a wide variety of research topics including asset building, poverty reduction, child and adolescent mental health, gender, disability, nutrition, physical activity, HIV/AIDS, and health and the environment. They partner with institutions and communities around the world to apply research results in impactful ways.

The Brown School’s degree programs offer avenues for students to understand complex global issues and develop skills to create solutions to that improve lives in a global context. Students can study global social development in the Brown School’s top-ranked Master of Social Work program through the International Social and Economic Development Concentration, or students can specialize in Global Health in the Master of Public Health program. Students can also engage in global learning in the Master of Social Policy program and at the doctoral level. Student learning is enhanced through global practica and field-based courses.

Global teaching and scholarship offer significant opportunities to synergize across disciplines, expand bi-directional learning between the Global South and the Global North, and forge connections between St. Louis and the world. 

The Brown School Vision for Global Programs is to

Improve the social well-being and health of the most vulnerable populations by conducting groundbreaking research, educating scholar-practitioners, building enduring  partnerships, deploying emerging technologies, and influencing policy makers, in order to promote just, equitable, and healthy societies around the world.

More specifically, the school aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Investigate and address the social and environmental conditions underlying development and public health around the world;  
  • Integrate social and economic development and public health;  
  • Focus on community engagement and capacity development—recognizing the inherent strengths and resilience that exist in communities; 
  • Achieve sustained positive impacts through programming and policy.