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Jan. 25: APHA Virtual Symposium: Peace as a Fundamental Determinant of Health

Global estimates indicate that 2 billion people live in conflict areas, 84 million people are forcibly displaced, and that eroded social policy leads to premature mortality. In this era of crisis with respect to violent conflict, displacement, and disinvestment in social/public services, what is the role of public health as violence permeates the world?

The 2022 Student Think Tank of the American Journal of Public Health is hosting a virtual symposium on the theme of Peace as a Fundamental Determinant of Health. The symposium will engage with key lessons learned from the 2022 call-for-papers wherein students from all corners of the world were invited to share their personal narratives, research, and lived experiences through storytelling on how conflict, instability, and displacement (international, domestic, and regional) have shaped their understanding of public health and the sustainability of policy, research, and programmatic responses. Washington University PhD student, Luissa Vahedi, and Washington University alum, Alli Gillespie, MSW/MPH, will be sharing at the symposium.

Join this critical discussion on January 25th 3:00-4:30pm ET.

Registration is available here: