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Iran’s Gen Z: The Leadership of Young Women and Girls in the National Uprising

Join a panel of experts for a discussion on the recent national uprising in Iran and a comprehensive perspective on the background of the crisis. What do Iranians want and why are they fighting empty-handed in the streets with the armed government forces? The panel will discuss Iran’s Gen Z leadership in the protests, the role of women and girls in this movement, and how the global community can support the people in Iran.

This talk took place on Tuesday, December 20, 2022. Watch the recording below or here.


Elise Auerbach, PhD
Iran Country Specialist, Amnesty International USA

Shahrzad Changlavaee, MFA
Co-Founder/Co-Director, From: Iran

Mahya Ostovar, PhD
Lecturer, University of Galway, Ireland

Moderated by:
Mitra Naseh, PhD
Assistant Professor, Brown School
Research Director, Initiative on Social Work and Forced Migration